on chairBerlin Boyd reached national infamy after this incident in which he responded to Hunter Demster’s heckling with “Yo Mamma”.

This video is from Gary Moore of Moore Media.




The next video is from November 20th, the day of the Council walk-out.   Joe Brown and Berlin Boyd squabbled about corruption on the dais.

Video from Hunter Demster



fergus_gonna_get_hurt  On July 24th, Fergus Nolan (the admin of asked some questions about Berlin Boyd’s financial activities.

This video shows Boyd threatening Nolan with “One of us is going to get hurt and it won’t be me.

Vid credit Gary Moore / Moore Media



On October 20th 2018, Council voted to help themselves to up to $40K of City money for their ill-fated referendum campaign.

This video shows Berlin Boyd and Edmund Ford sniggering over putting the measure on “same night minutes”.





Berlin Boyd interviewed after the same October meeting where Councillors helped themselves to a $40K City account for their ill fated term limit /IRV referenda.




August 14th 2018:  Bonnie Chidester challenges Berlin Boyd about his 1544 Madison “Investment”.   Video by Gary Moore / Moore Media




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