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Our sister publication,, has been covering Berlin Boyd’s corruption since the start.  Now, the list of his exploits has gotten so massive that the regular media is on to him.  We’ll be adding new Boyd scandals as they appear, newest first.  

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The FedEx – Gibson Guitar Scandal.

The Commercial Appeal’s Jamie Munks and talented newcomer Sarah Macareg broke the story of Boyd’s insider dealings with Richard Smith of FedEx.   Boyd’s partner in 1544 Madison Partners, Bill Ogle, was also a partner in the Gibson Guitar Factory building on Beale St.   Dick Smith, a frequent donor of Boyd’s was the other partner in that sweetheart deal.   Boyd had been working for FedEx since August 2018 but had omitted to record the income on his January 2019 financial disclosure.    More from CA.  The Daily Memphian also picked up on this story.

Boyd lashes out at developmentally disabled residents.

Channel 13 takes up the story of how Boyd slurred developmentally disabled persons in February by saying “This is your email, sir. This is your email. Now you’re talking like I’m retard and you sent this to me.”   He was referring to an email he had received from MLGW about rate increases.

tricycle_boydBoyd dumped as Council Chair.

It won’t surprise readers, when you get to the next few items, that Boyd was dumped as Council Chair in favor of Kemp Conrad in January, 2019.

Boyd to Hunter Demster:  “Yo Momma”

The February invective followed on a December incident, Hunter Demster said:  …”this is a shit show,” and Boyd replied, “Just like your momma, how about that?”

Boyd pushes City funding for councilors anti-RCV campaign.

This is a long story.   In November 2017, Council proposed a referendum to repeal the IRV measure passed in 2008, and a couple of months later added an extension to their own term limits.


After the public got over the sheer arrogance of the Council seeking to overturn the strongly approved wishes of the voters, the first issue was the complicated nature of the ballot language.   “Elena Delavega, a professor at the University of Memphis, said she measured the reading level of the referenda, and the language came in at the highest possible number on the scale, 2,000 Lexile. Delavega said material meant for the general public should be written at 900 Lexile, or the equivalent of a fourth-grade reading level”.  The League of Women Voters put out a simplified translation of the ballot questions.   Another trick done by the drafters, noting a tendency for voters to vote “yes” in referenda was to flip the meaning of the questions so that to overturn the status quo required a “yes” vote.    After the October referendum, voters were hopping mad about the ballot language.  Here’s video of the simplified language published by the League of Women Voters.

Various other shenanigans surrounded the Councilors campaign to ram home their referenda.   Lies abounded.  Councilors held meetings, promoted Yes votes and barred pro-IRV reps from attending.   They ordered their lobbyist in Nashville to try to get RCV banned statewide.

Boyd and the Council, aided by the Tennessee Election Commissioner, continue to fight RCV.   Ranked Choice Tennessee continues to support the introduction of RCV.

The Cash Grab

The Flyer described the events At City Council on October 23rd, 2018, in the run-up to the Nov. 6th referendum.   Edmund Ford proposed suspending their rules to introduce a non-agenda item, without public notice.    Council voted themselves $40,000 in public funds to support their Yes campaign, and passed the measure in same night minutes.  Here’s video of Berlin Boyd and Edmund Ford giggling over the minutes.  Here’s the Council video of the discussion.  Here’s our own video of Berlin Boyd trying to justify the resolution to the media, after the Council meeting.

Deidre Malone, who is the president of the Memphis chapter of NAACP, was given the cash via her PR shop and promptly passed it to the PAC organized by the anti-IRV councilors.

The Open Letter

Property speculator Bill Orgel

Our sister site,, published an open letter to Berlin Boyd.   This details his dealings with Bill Orgel and his various businesses, going back to 2008.   Boyd is a partner with Orgel on 1544 Madison Partners, which snared a $6.2M PILOT tax rebate.   After the blog was posted, Berlin Boyd threatened the writer with physical harm from the Council dais.

The Beale Street Merchants.

Boyd failed to recuse himself from a vote in which he had a conflict of interest due to a contract he has signed with the Beale St. merchants association.   Ryan Poe of the CA was all over it.  Boyd eventually “rescinded” the contract.

The Caissa Seven



In November 2017, MemphisTruth documented the connection between Caissa Public Strategy and the ongoing white control of Council.   Berlin Boyd was bought as a critical part of this conspiracy.  He consistently voted with the wbite Caissa councilors.


Press Protection

MemphisTruth on how the press lost critical archive items and protected Boyd from being outed during the 2015 election.

TREC (Tennessee Real Estate Commission)

Berlin Boyd was misrepresenting himself as a realtor during the 2015 election.   We filed a complaint with TREC and Boyd responded with scurrilous attacks on us.

Campaign lies and day care fraud

Our first publication on Berlin Boyd details how he lied about his academic record, his Realtor day job and was involved in a fraudulent application for a day care license, for a business whose management who was being prosecuted, and was later convicted of day care fraud.

CLERB and the Berlin Wall

berlin_wallBoyd was involved in the 2015 conspiracy at Council to delay CLERB.   He was labeled “The Berlin Wall” as a result.

Just a taste of Boyd’s iniquities.    We didn’t get them all in.

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