The Berlin Boyd Limerick Competition


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The power of satire has been a real thing for thousands of years.    And if we weren’t laughing at Berlin Boyd, we’d have to cry.

Sample Boyd pomes.

By Gary Moore

Mr. Berlin Boyd:
City Council’s hemorrhoid.
He yelled out, Yo Mama!
Well, he ain’t no Obama.
And now we just Boyd avoid

Sample limerick:

Berlin Boyd was a dude
Who was both obnoxious and rude
He humped on some ladies
And gave them all babies
And told them all “you are screwed”.

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Boyd and Wade lied about special elections.

NEW! Boyd and Wade caught lying about special elections.   In the summer of 2018, citizens called for the three Council members elected to County positions last August should resign immediately so their replacements could be elected in the October elections.  Boyd said he had a legal opinion from Council attorney Allan Wade saying that special elections could not be held in October, and now Wade is apparently saying that Boyd was lying when he said this.

on chair
Today’s Berlin Boyd Video, courtesy of Moore Media

Yo Momma: Tonyaa Wethersbee

“And when one of them, Hunter Demster, called him a “sh– show and an embarrassment to the community,” Boyd shot back with, “Just like ya mama.””


Video of Boyd and Joe Brown squabbling at Council.

Today’s Berlin Boyd Video, courtesy of Moore Media.







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